Wrongfully Convicted In California

Please help us right this gross miscarriage of justice! Sign the petition to the Governor and donate to the fund to help find him an appeals attorney. Nubi does not deserve to sit in prison for the next 30 years for something he didn't do.

    Wrongful Conviction in Bakersfield

Nubi was wrongfully convicted of crimes committed by his ex-fiancé. She abused their two month old little girl, resulting in her death. Under California's aiding and abetting law, Nubi was basically found guilty by association. He's serving 30 years in prison and she is walking free! His only crime was choosing a cold hearted, selfish woman to fall in love with.

Wrongful Conviction Sign The Petition

Our only concern is the safety and welfare of Nubi. The ultimate goal is to get his conviction overturned and bring him home. That is truly the only way to make this right. Sign the petition!!